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Lunch menu - 29 PLN / 1200-1600

Monday 11.11.2019r.

  • -

Tuesday 12.11.2019r.

  • Cauliflower cream
  • Lasagne Bolognese / Vege Chilli con carne with lentils and rice

Wednesday 13.11.2019r.

  • Barley soup
  • Meat patty with fried beets and boiled potatoes / Pumpkin gnocchi in a creamy sauce with Parmesan cheese

Thursday 14.11.2019r.

  • Mixed vegetable soup
  • Beef burger with ketchup, fries and thousand island sauce / Green curry with pearl barley

Friday 15.11.2019r.

  • Sorrel soup
  • Fish and chips / Falafel with tzatziki sauce and pita bread